Use resources efficiently in your hotel

Ten top tips for resource efficiency in your hotel

Follow our ten simple tips that can help you to improve your hotel’s resource efficiency and environmental impact.

1. Set a dead band between heating and cooling to ensure both heating and cooling systems are not running at the same time. For example, heating should switch off once temperatures reach 19°C, but cooling shouldn’t come on until temperatures reach 24°C, creating a deadband of 19-24°C.

2. Control bedroom temperatures: In winter, have staff turn down the heating in rooms that are not being used that same day. In summer, heating can be turned off completely.

3. Review automatic timed heating settings every month. Manual controls should be avoided as it is easy for staff to forget to adjust these.

4. Cut down on bulbs: In some instances, you may be able to remove one light bulb from a group of several without noticeable effects.

5. Use the microwave for reheating small amounts of food, as it will be more efficient than a conventional oven or hob.

6. Switch to the economy setting on dishwashers and washing machines.

7. Use low temperature cleaning products to reduce the need for hot water.

8. Ask for staff suggestions: Your staff use water and other resources daily, so it is good to get feedback from them. You could offer an incentive for suggestions on where things could be improved.

9. Reuse scrap paper: Provide a “scrap paper” tray to reuse paper in the office.

10. Use clear bags in your waste bin; this will highlight poor recycling practices and allow them to be addressed.