Use resources efficiently in your hotel



Resource efficiency means getting the most value out of your resources such as energy, water and materials. The benefits for your hotel business include increased profits, improved environmental performance and a positive reputation amongst your customers.

According to Tourism NI, one in three visitors to Northern Ireland would prefer to stay in accommodation that is striving to improve its environmental performance. On top of this 65 per cent of hotels are already taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Companies that emphasise that they are environmentally conscious can strengthen repeat business and help to attract new custom.

Improving the efficiency of the resources you use everyday not only means reduced materials bills but reduced energy, labour, transport and waste costs. Cutting these costs can help you maximise profits.

This guide will advise you on how your hotel can achieve efficiency across energy, water, materials and resources. It will outline practical steps you can take to improve resource efficiency and create cost savings for your business.