Innovation, research and development grants

UK innovation funding


UK grant funding for innovation, research and development (R&D) projects now comes primarily from Innovate UK, previously known as the Technology Strategy Board.

Innovate UK funding

Innovate UK's funding competitions are highly competitive and open for projects led by any UK-based business. Some are open to single-business applications, and others aim to support collaborating projects and businesses working with research organisations and universities. Most have specific eligibility criteria covering suitability of the projects, the types of businesses which can apply and what the money can be used for.

Many of Innovate UK's competitions focus on specific industry sectors, while some programmes are open to businesses from any sector. Read more about opportunities for your business in: Innovate UK funding competitions.

Innovate UK innovation networks

In addition to offering funding, Innovate UK can help you access expertise, specialist support and facilities for R&D and innovation. Through Innovate UK, you can:

  • find partners
  • network and collaborate
  • get advice on funding opportunities and how to apply
  • attract investors
  • benefit from expertise from universities and research organisations

Support is provided through two innovation networks:

Find out more about innovation networks.

Invest Northern Ireland (NI) innovation and R&D support

If you'd like to seek support from Innovate UK, or apply to one of its funding competitions, it may help to first get in touch with Invest NI. As the first point of contact for accessing grants for R&D projects in Northern Ireland, Invest NI may be able to help you with in-depth knowledge and connections you need to apply for funding.

Read more about Invest NI's role in providing R&D grants and support in Northern Ireland.