Tender for a contract

Understand the tender requirements


For a private sector tender, in order to gain a clearer understanding of a potential client's requirements, see if you can arrange a meeting or have a telephone conversation with them before you start work on the tender. You should always raise questions by phone or email if tender documents are unclear - on anything from deadlines to how you'd get paid.

Make sure the client is serious and that you're not there just to make up the numbers or to test the market. Sometimes customers may just be fishing for ideas they'll then use for themselves. You can prevent this from happening by requesting customers to sign a non-disclosure agreement before presenting your tender. But don't forget many clients genuinely want you to make a creative contribution and provide ideas.

    If you're selling to the public sector, the tender documents will contain instructions to tenderers. Read the instructions clearly, and if you are unsure about the detail within the specification, then raise a query online through the tendering portal. The buyer will respond as soon as possible.

    See understand your customers' needs