Use design to improve your export potential


Opportunities to sell products overseas are increasing. Many countries are helping businesses by removing or simplifying restrictions. The internet also makes it easier and faster to communicate and reach new markets. Design can help you attract customers in these markets.

When you sell in the UK, well-designed products, packaging and marketing materials give you an edge over competitors and make your products more desirable and saleable. This is just as true overseas.

However, bear in mind that customers in different countries may have different needs and expectations. For example, you may need to adapt the design of existing products, packaging or marketing materials.

You may also have to comply with different standards and regulations in the countries you want to export to.

This guide explains how working with designers can help you open up opportunities overseas, and what you need to consider about the design of your products and marketing materials when selling in other countries.

You can also use our free, online tool to help you Get Design Ready.