Mobile technology

Use mobile technology to improve your business


There are many things to consider when using mobile technology in your business. Here are some best practice tips to help you make the most of it.


  • Audit your business to see where mobile devices and technologies may be of most use.
  • Look at the potential for increased flexibility in the way you work.
  • Look at any new opportunities that may be arising - for example, the introduction of 'pay as you go' mobile phones gave retailers a chance to start selling top-ups.
  • Train your staff to use these devices and understand the security issues.
  • Draw up an 'acceptable use' policy for your staff and make sure that they understand any limitations, eg on personal use or rules around using handheld mobile devices whilst driving. See our sample telephone usage policy.
  • Include your mobile devices in any software audits and updates.
  • Assign an ID number to each mobile device and keep track of who's using it.
  • Ensure that data is secure in the event that a mobile device is stolen.
  • Back up mobile data regularly, along with other valuable corporate data.
  • Use secure technologies, for example virtual private networks (VPNs), when connecting to your network from outside locations. See securing your wireless systems.
  • Use passwords to control access to mobile devices and your business network.
  • Check whether mobile devices - and data - are covered by your insurance.
  • Consider computer health and safety at work.
  • Keep up to date with new developments - mobile technologies are growing rapidly and new opportunities to apply them in your business can come at any time. See 7 essential technology upgrades for your business.


  • Allow mobile devices to have free access to all sensitive corporate data, unless strong security measures (VPNs, authentication and encryption) are in place.
  • Leave mobile devices in areas where they can be seen or easily taken.
  • Share or leave password information in places where unauthorised users can find it.

If you're concerned about the security of your mobile devices and technology, find out how to protect your business online.