Using the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) to move goods

Using the NCTS

Once you have successfully opened your account on the NCTS you can begin to submit your transit declarations and print the documents needed to accompany each of your consignments.

TADs and List of Items

Although NCTS is designed to be a paperless system your consignments must still travel with a TAD. The TAD includes your consignment’s Movement Reference Number - printed in numeric form and as a barcode. You must be able to print barcodes to the ISO code 128 standard, rather than EAN 128.

When more than one item is being consigned, a List of Items should also be sent with the TAD.

Transmitting messages on NCTS

You can send and receive messages on NCTS via web, EDIFACT or XML.

Transit simplified procedures

Approval as authorised consignors and consignees are just 2 of the ‘simplified’ procedures in transit. If you want to use any of these facilities, contact HMRC Simplifications Team on Telephone: 0300 322 7908 or see transit and other suspensive regimes.

You can find information about all transit simplified procedures from the UK Supplement to the Transit Manual.

De-enrolling from NCTS

See the New Computerised Transit System: supporting guidance to find out how to de-enrol your business, or a staff member.