Dealing with hazardous waste

Ways to reduce hazardous waste


Hazardous waste is harmful to the environment and expensive to dispose of. It makes sense to reduce the amount of hazardous waste your business produces.

How to reduce hazardous waste

You can reduce hazardous waste by focusing on three main business areas:

  • Maintenance, eg preventing leaks, waste streaming, staff training.
  • Technology, eg updating or replacing equipment, applying better controls.
  • Production, eg choosing non-hazardous raw materials, altering your products.

Talk to your suppliers for advice on alternative non-hazardous materials and components.

Joining a trade association or networking with similar businesses can be a great way to keep up with new developments.

Examples of reducing hazardous waste

Ways for your business to reduce hazardous waste include:

Support for reducing hazardous waste

Invest NI offers support to reduce waste in your business and to improve your process efficiency.