Producing goods for remanufacturing and reuse

What products can be remanufactured?


There are no set rules as to what can and cannot be remanufactured, and there is no set list of products that can be remanufactured. However, remanufacturing works best where the product is:

  • of high value
  • complex
  • durable
  • not marketed as a basis of personal status or lifestyle

Remanufactured products can include:

  • machine tools
  • electrical motors and compressors
  • starter motors
  • automatic transmissions
  • car and truck engines
  • office photocopiers
  • excavation equipment
  • power bearings
  • defence equipment
  • computer and telecommunications equipment
  • air-conditioning units
  • pumps
  • industrial food-processing equipment
  • aerospace equipment
  • carpet tiles
  • rolling stock

It is less successful in markets where customers perceive remanufactured goods as second class, such as in the lifestyle and fashion industries.