Designing a successful brand

8 design tips for creating a successful brand


Creating a brand is a difficult task. Here are eight design tips which you can follow to help you create a successful and memorable brand.

1. Keep it simple - building a brand doesn't have to be complicated. It can start with a clean, simple typeface that's followed consistently through all corporate materials. Be thorough and careful when choosing the right brand strategy.

2. Make your offering distinctive - this could be as simple as your choice of colour in design or packaging - one which no other competitors are using. A distinctive offering creates a strong impression in consumers' minds.

3. Be consistent - every aspect of your brand should make customers feel the same way about you. Read more about ensuring brand consistency

4. Listen to and understand your customers - your brand is no good to you if it isn't delivering what customers want. Learn more about your brand and your customers. User-centred design techniques can help you create a successful brand by engaging directly with consumers in the early stages of the design process and involving them throughout. For more information, see user-centred design.

5. Communicate your brand - make sure every advertisement, brochure and letter helps reinforce the same message. If you have a logo, use it whenever possible.

6. Manage your brand - continually look for opportunities to make improvements. Read more about how to manage your brand.

7. Involve your employees - make sure they understand the brand and believe in it. Find out more in your brand and your staff.

8. Create an aspirational brand - pay attention to customers' needs, but control what you want your brand to mean to them, creating something customers can aspire to. For example, visible aspects of mobile phones are typically designed to project a lifestyle image.