Inform and consult your employees

Advantages of communications and consultation training in successful business


Training managers and employees in communications skills and techniques can improve communications and consultation practice within your business.

Employees can benefit from understanding the information they are given and it can encourage them to take a more active role in the communications and consultation process. Training can help trade union representatives take a fuller part in communications and consultation.

Courses can help encourage employee involvement in your business. They can also help you communicate information to employees on a range of issues that relate to their employment. Communication training for managers and employees can help break down any barriers between them.

Training can help managers to:

  • understand the importance of good communications and of having a consultation policy
  • understand their roles
  • encourage those employees who have problems communicating
  • understand and meet their legal obligations for informing and consulting

For more information, see skills and training for directors and owners.

Useful courses for your employees and managers may cover:

  • joint working methods
  • effective meetings
  • presentation skills
  • listening skills
  • effective business writing
  • interviewing techniques

As with any training, it is a good idea to periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the training course.

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