Inform and consult your employees

Examples of good information and consultation in practice


A communications policy is an effective way of defining who is responsible for information and consultation (I&C), the channels along which information passes, and the way it is communicated.

If your business is not affected by the legal requirements you should still consult with your employees to establish an I&C agreement.

Establishing an I&C policy

A good I&C policy clearly describes who is responsible for communication at each level and the methods used for communication. It also outlines the arrangements for consultation and for training employees and managers.

Consider involving trade union representatives or other employee representatives when you draw up the policy and throughout the communications and consultation process. You should involve senior managers and get them to take the lead. Make provisions to include your workers in different sites, isolated areas, or those working from home.

Make sure that your communications and consultations are systematic and regular. You should frequently review the policy and be willing to modify it. Tailor your consultative arrangements to your business.

Small companies typically have informal arrangements, but you may need a more formal arrangement so that everyone clearly understands their roles and responsibilities. This is important where consultation is a legal obligation.

Be genuine about your commitment to communication and consider employees' views before making a decision.

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