Employee value proposition

Advantages of an employee value proposition


By developing a strong and attractive employee value proposition employers can retain valuable staff by engaging and motivating them to do their best for their organisation. Your employee value proposition can also be used as a branding tool to help you attract the staff with the skills and values you desire that can make your business a success.

When staff don’t feel valued or engaged, they can become demotivated and look for alternative employment. If this is not addressed your organisation could see a high turnover of staff.

Employee value proposition: business benefits

An attractive employee value proposition can bring advantages to your organisation across key areas, including:

Staff retention

  • reduces staff turnover
  • retains existing staff with valuable skills and experience
  • saves you the time and money needed to replace and train new staff
  • helps to build trust as staff feel more valued and invested in by management
  • gives employers a better understanding of their employees and what motivates them


  • helps employers develop deeper connections with staff
  • increases staff motivation, commitment, and loyalty
  • boosts productivity and financial performance of the business
  • builds mutual trust across the organisation from management to staff and between colleagues and different teams
  • helps foster a workplace culture that has a strong people focus
  • enables your staff to grow which in turn can help your business grow
  • can help develop flexibility that can make your business more agile
  • helps to maximise employee health and well-being and less sickness absence days
  • makes your business more attractive to customers and suppliers

Attracting new staff

  • helps you to attract top talent to join your business
  • gives prospective employees a vision of what it would be like to work for you
  • makes your recruitment process more effective and efficient as you will appeal to people that are aligned with your organisation's values and culture
  • gives you a competitive advantage in the jobs market as it helps to distinguish your organisation from your rivals as an employer of choice
  • develops staff advocacy - staff become brand ambassadors for your organisation highlighting to prospective new staff why they enjoy working for your organisation