How business rates valuations are calculated

Business rates: valuation of a new property


When a new property is built, Land & Property Services (LPS) must value the property before they can issue a rate bill. Rates are due from the date that LPS decides the new property can be lived in, even if the property remains empty. A delay in having a new property valued may lead to a backdated bill which will be more difficult to pay.

Before you start

If you are unsure whether your property has already been valued you should search online to check whether your property valuation is listed:

Find a property valuation.

If your property has not yet been valued then you can apply online for a new property valuation.

How to apply

By applying online

To complete your application you will need:

  • your contact details
  • the property details

Apply online to have a new non-domestic property valued

After sending your application

You will receive an acknowledgement email within 15 minutes, and a confirmation email within 24 - 48 hours which will contain your application reference number and next steps.

If you are applying for a valuation-related relief or allowance you may receive a link to a questionnaire in your confirmation email. This questionnaire must be completed and returned within two weeks of submitting your application for a valuation review.

By post or email

You can apply for a non-domestic valuation review by post or email by filling in the valuation of a new property (CR3) form (PDF, 230K). The return address and email information can be found on the form.

A valuation review can take around 90 days to complete. A member of LPS Valuation will contact you in due course to discuss your application and arrange an inspection of the property if this is needed. When a decision is made on the valuation of the property a Certificate of Valuation will be issued to you. You can expect to get your rate bill around two weeks after receiving your Certificate of Valuation.

Queries on your business rates

If you have a query regarding your business rates you should contact Land & Property Services.