How business rates valuations are calculated

Business rates valuation: specialist schemes


There are particular rules and schemes that apply to some non-domestic properties.

Valuation schemes for specialist properties

Land & Property Services (LPS) has published a list of valuation schemes and guidance notes for specialist non-domestic properties.


Farmhouses are valued in the same way as other domestic properties. Further information on domestic valuation including farmhouses.

Valuation of quarries

The scheme for the valuation of quarries has been updated as part of Revaluation 2015. The Rating of Quarries (Plant & Machinery) Order (NI) 2007 provides for the granting of rate exemptions for specified items of plant and machinery to promote environmental good practice and align with Northern Ireland policy on aggregates levy.

The legislation now provides for the following to be excluded in valuations for rating purposes:

  • recycling equipment fitted to any plant and machinery used in quarries where that recycling equipment is used or intended to be used for environmental works
  • bunds which prevent environmental pollution and the ingress of water
  • covers for oil and chemical storage facilities which prevent environmental pollution and the ingress of water
  • covers for screen houses, covers, and bays which prevent the spread of dust
  • pits which are used for the settlement of suspended solids in water discharges to protect surrounding water courses
  • bays used in connection with construction and demolition waste materials

Queries on your business rates

If you have a query regarding your business rates you should contact Land & Property Services.