Consumer contracts

Consumer contracts delivery and risk


It is your responsibility as a trader to deliver goods that you have sold to a consumer, unless you have agreed otherwise.

Consumers can treat a contract as ended, and request a full refund, if:

  • you refuse to deliver the goods
  • you don't deliver within the agreed time and it's clear from circumstances, or from what the consumer tells you, that delivery by the agreed time was essential
  • the consumer specified an appropriate delivery period, which you failed to meet

If you fail to deliver part of a contract of a variety of goods on time, a consumer can decide to cancel that part, or return the goods which have already been delivered. You must reimburse the consumer without delay for cancelled or returned goods.

Goods remain your responsibility until they have been delivered to the consumer. If your carrier fails to deliver the goods, or they deliver to the wrong address, you are responsible for them - not the consumer.

However, if the consumer agrees to use their own delivery carrier, you cease to be responsible once that carrier has received the goods.