Consumer contracts

Exemptions from consumer contracts rules


The new consumer contracts regulations do not cover all types of contracts which businesses make with consumers.

Contracts which are exempt from consumer contracts regulations include:

  • gambling (as covered by the Gambling Act 2005)
  • construction and sale of property (including building new properties)
  • residential letting contracts
  • package travel contracts
  • timeshare contracts
  • regular delivery supply eg milkmen
  • purchases from vending machines
  • single telecom connections eg payphones and café internet connection
  • financial services (but not add-on services - see consumer contracts additional charges)

Some other types of contract are only partly covered by the consumer contracts regulations.

Passenger transport contracts are exempt from cancellation rights and from most of the information requirements. Items dispensed on prescription are exempt from the information and cancellation rules. For more information see  providing consumers with contract information and right to cancel consumer contracts.

Low value off-premises contracts (a value of less than £42) are exempt from the information and cancellation rules, but are subject to those on additional payments and charges and delivery and risk. For more information see consumer contracts additional charges and consumer contracts delivery and risk.