Consumer contracts

Exemptions from the right to cancel consumer contracts


Consumers who enter into (or offer to enter into) off-premises or distance contracts will normally have 14 calendar days in which to change their minds. However, a number of online and off-premises contracts do not have cancellation rights. These include:

  • 'investment' type products such as vintage wines, where the price in the financial market may vary (utilities such as supply of gas are not covered by this exception)
  • bespoke and customised goods
  • goods which will deteriorate or expire rapidly
  • newspapers and magazines (but not subscriptions)
  • contracts concluded at public auction
  • goods received sealed for health protection or hygiene reasons once unsealed
  • sealed audio, video and software products once unsealed
  • goods once they have been inseparably mixed after delivery
  • contracts where the consumer has contacted the trader to effect urgent household repairs
  • contracts for accommodation, transport of goods, vehicle rental, catering or services related to leisure activities, if the contract states a specific time period
  • services which have been fully completed within the cancellation period (provided the consumer requested this and acknowledged that they would lose their right to cancel once fully completed)
  • medicinal products or services that are either dispensed or are available free under an NHS appointment 
  • contracts for passenger transport services such as bus, rail or flight tickets 

For more information on exemptions see exemptions from consumer contracts rules.