Customer protection

Customer rights for unsatisfactory services


If customers aren't satisfied with a service you have provided, they have a number of rights under the Consumer Rights Act.

If the service is unsatisfactory and you haven't used reasonable skill, you must put the work right at no extra cost. Failing that the customer can ask another supplier to put the work right and claim the cost of this from you.

Reasonable time and price

If a customer complains on the grounds that you have charged more for the service than was agreed (a quotation not an estimate), they're only obliged to pay the price you have given them in the quotation. If no price was agreed beforehand, they're legally obliged to pay a reasonable price.

See price lists, estimates, quotations and tenders.

If you have agreed a deadline for completion of the service, you're in breach of contract if you don't keep to that time. The customer will be entitled to claim compensation for any losses. For instance, they may have to eat out because their kitchen is unfinished.

See consumer contracts

Service provider obligations

Under the Consumer Rights Act you are required to:

  • Provide details of how customers can complain - such as your contact details including telephone number and emails address - in an easily accessible form.
  • Inform your customer if you are subject to a code of conduct or are a member of a trade association or professional body that provides dispute resolution services. Details of where information on the code of conduct or resolutions procedures can be found should be provided.
  • Resolve any complaints as quickly as possible.