Labelling food products

Front of pack labelling


You may voluntarily repeat certain nutrition information on your 'front of pack' (FoP) label.

FoP nutrition labelling systems should be based on the following principles:

  • information on the amount of energy in kilojoules (kJ)  and  kilocalories (kcal) alone; or energy plus fat, saturated fat (saturates), total sugars and salt in grams, in a specified portion of the product
  • portion size information expressed in an way that is meaningful to the consumer e.g. ¼ of a pie, 1 burger
  • percentage Reference Intake (%RI) information based on the amount of each nutrient and energy, in a portion of the food
  • colour coding of the nutrient content of the food
  • you may additionally include the descriptors 'high', 'medium' and 'low' alongside the colours red, amber or green respectively to further describe their meaning

Front of pack labelling criteria

In order to use additional forms of expression, such as colour coding, you must meet certain criteria. Read technical guidance on nutrition labelling and FSA guidance on front of pack nutrition labelling.