Getting an apprentice started

You may have a potential apprentice on your workforce and if not there are various methods of finding one.

Finding an apprentice

If you have an apprenticeship vacancy, visit the Employers Online NI website to register and place your vacancy.

If you don't have a potential apprentice but would like to employ one, it is really like finding any other employee. You can for example:

You have your apprentice, what next?

Once you have indentified your apprentice and they have agreed to take part in one of the Apprenticeship programmes, simply contact your local Apprenticeships/Higher Level Apprenticeships training supplier, who will register them on the programme.

Recruitment to the ApprenticeshipsNI programme will commence on 4 September 2017. It is anticipated that this is the date that the Apprentice can start on the programme. An employer is free to recruit an Apprentice in advance of that date, however the 'off –the-job' training element cannot commence until after this date.

The training supplier will meet with you and your apprentice to discuss their training needs and will then develop a training programme with them. They will be with your apprentice every step of the way throughout the apprenticeship to support them and ensure they are making progress.

The list of ApprenticeshipsNI training suppliers is being updated – a refreshed list will be available by Summer 2017.

Is additional support needed?

If additional support is needed for your apprentice during their time on the programme, for example if they have a disability, your training supplier will organise this for you with one of the specially trained support providers. The list of Specialist support providers is also being updated – a refreshed list will be available in Summer 2017.

Advertise apprenticeship opportunities online

Connect to Success NI is a free online resource developed by the Department for the Economy that enables employers to promote and advertise apprenticeship and school work experience opportunities. Advertise apprenticeship opportunities on Connect to Success NI.

Other options

If Apprenticeships is not suitable for your business, why not check out some other employment and training programmes:

More useful links

The list of ApprenticeshipsNI training suppliers has been updated – Apprenticeship training contractors.