Create an online shop

Helping customers find your website


For your online shop to be effective, customers must be able to find it easily.

There are a number of things you can do to steer customers towards your website, including:

  • Improving your website listing in search engine results through search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Getting your website listed prominently in web directories or through online advertising like pay-per-click and paid search advertising.
  • Using social media and online communities to engage with your customers, build a community around your brand and help improve online visibility for your product or service. If contributing to social media sites remember to link back to your website when appropriate.
  • Publicising your site through related websites - many individuals go to sites after seeing a link, an advertisement or a mention on another site.
  • Adding your website address to all emails, letterheads, stationery and business vehicles.
  • Getting into local online business directories, such as those produced by Chambers of Commerce in Northern Ireland.

When choosing your internet address (URL) or domain name, make it simple and easy to remember.

If you want to build your audience, it is essential you are listed in web directories and search engines. This can be a time-consuming process, but you can get your website listed or improve your search ranking by:

  • Thinking about how people will look for your site - pick key words and include them in your page title and content. Seek objective feedback.
  • Establish reciprocal links - many search engines rank sites according to how many other websites link to them. However, there are risks involved with this.
  • Writing a description of your site and the services it offers and placing it prominently on your home page.

You could also consider choosing a search marketing agency.