Cutting your carbon emissions

How to cut carbon emissions from energy use


Reducing energy use is one of the simplest ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your business and help reduce the effects of climate change.

All businesses can reduce their energy use, benefitting the environment and their bottom line. Saving energy can also have other benefits, including boosting employees' morale and an improved business reputation.

There are many changes your business can make to cut carbon emissions from energy use - find ways to reduce energy use in your business on the Carbon Trust website.

The changes you make can be as small as turning electrical equipment off overnight or changing your light bulbs to energy-efficient ones. Traditional light bulbs can waste up to 95 per cent of the energy they use as heat. Energy-efficient bulbs are up to 80 per cent more efficient than traditional bulbs and each bulb could save you up to £40 over its lifetime - find out more about buying energy efficient lighting.

You may want to consider larger measures where the financial benefits are more long term, such as investing in new energy-saving plant or machinery.

You may also be eligible for tax breaks, if you invest in certain energy-saving equipment - see tax breaks to encourage energy efficiency.

Buildings can be a major contributor to carbon emissions, often through inefficient energy use - see how to cut carbon emissions from business buildings.

For information on reducing energy use in your business, read our guide on how to save money by using energy more efficiently.