Cutting your carbon emissions

How to source and design low-carbon products


Designing your products and services so that they produce less carbon is not only good for the environment, it will also make them more appealing to more environmentally-aware customers.

It can also help your business to win contracts, such as government tenders, where the use of environmentally-aware suppliers is encouraged.

Low carbon goods and the product life-cycle

To make low carbon goods, you need to consider environmental impact at every stage of your product's life-cycle.

The stages to consider include:

Consider the total impact your products or services have on the environment with a life cycle assessment and find out more about low carbon development with ecodesign for goods and services.

You can calculate the carbon footprint of your products - and identify areas for improvement - using the environmental standard PAS 2050. There can be a real commercial advantage to adopting the standard, as it can help your customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Sourcing low carbon supplies and materials

Using suppliers of low-carbon products can have more benefits than just helping your business become more environmentally responsible. It can also show stakeholders - such as investors, employees and customers - that you are taking your environmental responsibilities seriously.

Even a simple step of buying products from local suppliers can cut down on the distance they are transported. Your local enterprise agency or trade association may also be able to help you find local suppliers of low carbon products.