How can I use design in my business?

How you can use workplace design


Workplace design isn't just about choosing the paint colours for your office space. Your work environment can directly affect staff productivity and creativity. If clients regularly visit your workplace, it can also affect how they see your company.

There are many things to consider when designing your workplace, such as:

  • architecture
  • functional layout
  • appropriate lighting
  • furniture
  • materials
  • technology
  • meeting rooms
  • an open and inviting reception area

Examples of where a workplace designer could help

A workplace designer can help improve your business' image and, as a result, improve communication and the development of new ideas and processes.

For example, workplace designers can:

  • improve the way a car manufacturer's administration and assembly hub functions
  • help an accountancy firm shed its grey image
  • help a clothing retailer integrate a new wing of its business into the company's headquarters

How do you start creating an innovative workspace?

If you want to redesign your workspace, the best place to start is research. You should try to:

  • determine your business objectives
  • analyse the areas you want to improve
  • involve a selection of staff - choose people from different parts of the business, including managers and more junior staff
  • set a realistic budget
  • set clear objectives
  • attempt the project on a small scale before introducing it throughout the organisation
  • do a post-project evaluation to see if any changes are needed

If you hire a workplace designer, they can offer more than just visual and creative skills. They can also manage the design project, work with you to set the brief and involve stakeholders in the development process. When the implementation of their designs is underway, they can manage the relationship with the builders and other contractors, and adapt designs where necessary.

If you are searching for an entirely new workspace, see our six tips for choosing the right business premises.