Design for technology businesses

The importance of design for small technology businesses


Design is crucial to businesses in the technology sector. Working with designers, or learning to use design principles and tools yourself, can help technology developers to transform ideas into commercial realities.

This is because the design process:

  • turns ideas into something concrete
  • focuses on users, in order to make sure that new technologies meet real needs
  • is naturally collaborative - helping people work together creatively

Design isn't just about the look and feel of a final product. Working with designers can be valuable in the technology transfer process, where the focus is on developing a technology so that it can transfer into the commercial marketplace and enjoy success in markets that have real uses for it.

Design thinking focuses on finding out what customers and potential customers want and need, and on generating ideas about how to meet these needs efficiently.

How can designers help technology businesses?

A designer's contribution to the process of technology transfer can help to:

  • secure licence deals and new investment
  • reduce risk by stopping unprofitable proposals or directions
  • highlight early problems
  • increase the value of intellectual property
  • get to market quicker

By using design principles, new technology creators, engineers and marketers can:

  • raise and answer initial questions about the product or service
  • identify uses for the product or service
  • explore potential markets - and recognise how to appeal to these markets
  • explain and tailor technology to investors or possible clients

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