Design for technology businesses

Which technology businesses can use design?


Whatever the type of technology development your business is involved in, you will be able to use design principles or work with a designer.

Innovative technology companies such as Rolls Royce, BT and Google put great resources into multi-disciplinary teams, including:

  • designers
  • engineers
  • inventors
  • anthropologists
  • business managers
  • marketing and communication specialists, etc

But it's not just big businesses that understand how design can help them develop new products that use their patented technologies. Researchers and inventors in UK universities, start-up technology companies and small businesses that work on one core technology, have all benefited from commissioning design agencies.

For more information, see design thinking for new technology developers and find out how technology businesses use good design principles.

Watch a case study below to see how one Northern Ireland business benefited from working with a design team.