National Clearance Hub

National Clearance Hub entries subject to Route 3 post-clearance profiles


Various procedures apply after submission of entries.

Uncleared Route 3 entries ICS22

Where a Route 3 entry has been amended and becomes an ICS22 status on the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF), HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) must clear the release of the goods. The entry is treated the same as a Route 1 entry and you should fax the entry form to the National Clearance Hub (NCH) with the appropriate header sheet for action. You must include an appropriate header and provide a separate header for each entry. There may be delays to clearance if an appropriate header isn't used.

Route 3 entries ICS00/ICS25

All original import Route 3 entry documentation must arrive at the NCH for post-clearance action within three working days from the date and time of clearance. This time limit does not apply to pre-lodged entries. A freepost service is available to assist in meeting this requirement. Read moer about contacting the National Clearance Hub.

For bulk EUR1s, ATR1s and GSP certificates, you should send the original document with the first Route 3 entry. Subsequent Route 3s should be accompanied by a copy of the appropriate preference certificate. Box 44 of the entry should show the entry number to which the original has been attached.

You should only send export Route 3 original documentation to the NCH if there is a copy 3 that requires stamping.

You should use A4 envelopes if possible and Route 3 entries should be sent to the NCH each day. Entries received will be audited and there are penalties for not complying with these requirements.

Non-presentation of entries

The NCH will undertake regular checks to ensure that all declarations subject to Route 1 and/or Route 3 profiles have been presented as required. There are penalties for regularly failing to submit entries.

Retention of records

All original Route 1 entries and any supporting documents submitted, processed and cleared by fax or email at the NCH are to be retained by the trade for four years. This also applies to Route 6 declarations. This includes originals of fax/email copy entries and supporting documents submitted to the NCH for customs input.

In this context 'the trade' means the:

  • third party making the declaration - usually a customs agent - as a direct or indirect representative
  • importer or exporter where the declaration is made under self representation

Documentary evidence may be stored electronically if a copy of the original document can be reproduced from it. Documents that contain original stamps or watermarks, eg preference certificates, must be retained as paper copies.

HMRC will keep original entries and supporting documents only if they have been pre-lodged with the NCH for clearance.

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