National Clearance Hub

National Clearance Hub responsibilities


The main responsibilities of the NCH are:

  • processing all import and export entries selected for further checks
  • inputting manual import and export entries
  • inputting manual requests for export arrival and departure loading information
  • controlling un-entered goods for inventory linked ports and airports
  • authorising and amending inventory records and removals
  • the control of goods imported under specific import regimes

Service levels you can expect from the NCH

The NCH aims to clear all Direct Trader Input (DTI) Route 1 entries within two hours from the time of receipt. For pre-lodged entries, the NCH aims to clear within two hours of the vessel or aircraft's arrival. These times depend on all the relevant paperwork being presented, complete and correct.

Route 1 entries are dealt with in the order that they are presented at the NCH and no priority is given to specific locations or type of goods, including perishables.

Goods that require exceptional treatment are:

  • fireworks and explosives
  • live animals
  • human remains

When sending these entries to the NCH, you should show clearly what the goods are Trader Submission header form you send.

Read more about declarations and the Single Administrative Document.

  • NCH Enquiry Line
    0300 322 7900