If a Reservist employee is called up for service

Protection of a Reservist's employment


After their mobilisation ends, Reservists are debriefed and assessed before being given post-mobilisation leave.

Following the procedure for return to work, and to comply with legislation, the Reservist should formally write to you in the period beginning after the last day of their full-time service and ending with the third Monday after their full-time service ends, to request reinstatement and agree a return-to-work date.

It is also encouraged that they should contact you informally, ideally in person, to discuss the options for a return to work date. They will still need to make the formal application in writing as required by legislation.

You have a legal duty to reinstate your Reservist employee in the same or a similar position for a minimum period - eg 13, 26 or 52 weeks, depending on their length of employment before mobilisation.

You can include Reservists in a redundancy pool if necessary, provided you do not discriminate against them on the grounds of their mobilisation. There are some additional considerations when making a Reservist employee redundant if they have returned from mobilised service recently - ie if they are still within the protected 13, 26 or 52 week period, depending on their previous length of service.

See your rights and responsibilities as a Reservist employer.

A Reservist's employment status whilst mobilised is set out within the Employment Rights Act. Mobilisation does not break continuity of service however, in terms of any calculations based on reckonable service, the period of mobilisation would not be included by virtue of the Act.

You can claim financial assistance if a Reservist needs training or re-training as a direct result of their mobilisation.

See financial and pension arrangements for mobilised Reservists.

Aftercare of demobilised Reservists

Defence Relationship Management (DRM) is an organisation that supports members of the Reserve Forces and their employers through Regional Employer Engagement Directors. The Regional Employer Engagement Director (REED) for Northern Ireland, Athene Gordon, can be contacted on Tel 028 9521 6794.

DRM can help employers and Reservist employees find support and advice. For advice on how to spot symptoms of post-operational stress - eg depression or irritability - as well as contacts with service medical, pastoral and welfare staff, you should contact your employee's unit Welfare Officer.

You can help demobilised Reservists reintegrate into the business by offering retraining, if necessary. You can also discuss with Reservists how to make use of any new skills they have acquired during their mobilisation.

Reservists can acquire many skills while they are mobilised: read about the benefits of employing Reservists.

  • Defence Employer Support Helpline
    0800 389 5459
  • Regional Employer Engagement Director for Northern Ireland
    028 9521 6794
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