How to use recycled materials and products

Recycled paper as a resource


The market for recycled paper is increasing as businesses come to realise the benefits.

How to use recycled paper in your business

There are many potential applications for paper with high recycled content, including:

  • magazine publishing and printing industries - only a small fraction of the 1 million tonnes of paper used each year for magazine publishing contains recycled content
  • newsprint
  • tissue
  • corrugated flutings
  • packaging

Advantages of using recycled paper

Using recycled paper has several benefits both for your business and the environment because it:

  • reduces the need for raw virgin pulp
  • is equal in quality to paper from virgin forest sources
  • is readily available
  • demonstrates your business is committed to sustainable procurement
  • reduces the volume of biodegradable waste sent to landfill
  • reduces energy use and CO2 emissions
  • increases your business' environmental credentials and supports a corporate social responsibility agenda