How to use recycled materials and products

Recycled wood as a resource


Using recycled wood conserves natural resources by decreasing the demand for new (virgin) materials. Products can be made entirely from waste wood or contain a proportion of new (virgin) material such as wood chip or wood shavings.

How to use recycled wood in your business

You can use recycled wood to manufacture a range of quality products for different markets, including:

  • landscaping products - mulches, surfacing material for pathways and play surfaces
  • equestrian products - equestrian surfaces such as indoor and outdoor arenas, and paddocks
  • animal products - wood fibre bedding surfacing for horses, poultry and cattle, and cat litter
  • energy - fuel chips and pellets
  • sports surfaces
  • soil remediation
  • plant beds and walkways
  • wood panelboards

Standards for recycling wood

You should ensure recycled wood products have been assessed to identify contamination from substances such as arsenic and copper based preservatives. There are currently no quality protocols for the treatment of wood waste. You should therefore ensure you use a reputable supplier.