Client's guide to cutting waste from construction projects

Reduce waste in your construction procurement processes


As the client, you should have complete control over the procurement stage of your construction project. This means that you have ultimate control over the targets set to reduce overall waste. Making a commitment at a high level within your business sends a clear message to each contractor that you take waste reduction seriously.

You can use model wording when procuring the resources you need for your construction project. This should cover waste reduction, waste recovery and greater use of recovered materials at all stages of a project including:

  • policy
  • preparation and design
  • pre-construction and construction
  • use and post-completion

If you intend to use an external design team for your construction project, you should ensure that the design team you choose has the right skills and the same commitment to reducing waste as you. This also applies to any main contractor you intend to use in your project - see how to reduce waste in your supply chain.

Finally, reporting on waste reduction performance should be a requirement in any contract with your contractors. The reports should show actual performance against the targets you have set.