Client's guide to cutting waste from construction projects

Reduce waste in your construction supply chain


One way that clients can reduce waste from their construction projects is to consult with the businesses in their supply chain as early as possible.

Construction design team and waste

The design team you use for your project can be important in successfully reducing waste. However, as the client, you should set this out as a goal as early as possible.

By focusing on reducing waste at the design stage, you can allow your design team - or potential design teams - to use their own experience and plan in different ways that will use less waste or allow for reusable materials. You could start off by setting this out in your tender requirements for potential design teams.

You should also make reducing construction waste a part of the contract you have with your design team.

For more information for designers, see designer's guide to cutting waste from construction projects.

Construction contractors and waste

While waste reduction can be started at the design stage, you should ensure that your design team communicates their cost saving ideas to any contractors you use. When tendering for contractors, you can take practical steps to ensure waste reduction is a key performance indicator.

For more information for contractors, see contractor's guide to cutting waste from construction projects.