Save water at industrial premises

Reduce water use by monitoring and adjusting the water flow


There are a number of technologies and techniques that you could consider to adjust water flow and reduce water use.

Sprays and jets can have a dramatic impact on how water is used in your business. Having the ability to better direct the water jet can mean you use water more efficiently. New technology allows you to use much lower pressures, which saves water overall.

You can fit turbidity probes to pipework to monitor the flow of product. Turbidity probes can sense the concentration and speed of product flow through a pipe. The technology can control valves that direct the flow. In addition, the system can reuse product that has been recovered.

Using similar technology to a turbidity probe, a conductive probe can measure levels of acidity and alkalinity in a water system. This information gives the system operator the ability to improve the level of cleaning-in-place that the system is using.

If your systems do not require a constant stream of water, you can use a shut-off system to regulate the flow. This saves money and water, as in many continuous flow systems the excess water simply flows into a drain.