How to be an engaging manager

Support and motivate employees


The way managers shape the roles of employees and oversee their work has a huge effect on individual well-being, commitment and performance. To help you support and motivate your employees you could consider:

  • job design and responsibilities - employees who have input into shaping their work are far more engaged than those who are simply given tasks to get on with
  • objectives linked to business goals so employees understand how their work and performance directly contribute to the overall strategy and success of the business
  • trust in staff - giving employees the freedom to carry out their work in ways that suit them without being micro-managed
  • staff decisions - giving employees the power to make business decisions - this could involve giving each employee a budget or other resources to achieve their work objectives
  • performance feedback - providing regular, open and honest feedback on individual performance to help employees understand how they are progressing and motivate them to continually improve their performance in line with their objectives and business goals
  • supportive behaviour - encouraging and supporting staff that exhibit positive behaviour and challenging inappropriate behaviour contrary to accepted business values or standards
  • directing employees more firmly when needed to deliver the level of performance required

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