How to be an engaging manager

Improve your performance as a manager


Engaging managers keep improving their own performance by seeking views and feedback from the people they work with. Here are some steps to consider.

Ask your team for their views on your performance

Ask your team members for their views on your management style and effectiveness. For example, ensure evaluation forms or cards are always available after any briefings or presentations you have given - download a template post-event feedback form (DOC, 16K).

Approach your own manager for feedback

Managers should proactively ask their line-manager for feedback against their objectives. You could also use a 360 degree feedback approach so that formal reviews include feedback from team members.

Explore management styles

Explore your own strengths and weaknesses to help you improve your management style and encourage other managers to do the same. Your workplace may have its own approach for this, or you could use external methods - for example psychometric tests.

Set up a mentor system

Ask more experienced management colleagues to act as mentors for new managers. This helps them learn from experience and allows them to seek advice on any issues. Alternatively, you could consider hiring an external coach.

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