Start a business from home

Support for home-based businesses


A wide range of help is available to you if you're starting a business from home. You can get help from a variety of local organisations, government agencies and online sources. Other forms of support can be obtained from events such as networking meetings and business workshops.

Support includes:

  • The Northern Ireland business support finder is a searchable database that can help you find publicly-funded and not-for-profit sources of assistance you may be eligible to apply for. Support may be available in a number of forms, including financial assistance and free or subsidised advice services. Search for business support and finance.
  • Invest NI's regional office network offers training and advisory services to those starting up in business - see Invest NI business support opportunities.
  • There are 11 local councils in Northern Ireland, all of which can provide local information for businesses and provide a business adviser to help you start-up - see contact your local council for business start-up support.
  • Enterprise NI is a network of local enterprise agencies that offers key assistance to your business, whether you are already established or just starting up - find your local enterprise agency.
  • Mentoring can help you develop business skills. Building a relationship with a mentor can have a positive effect on your business, whether you are just starting up or are already established. A mentor can help you develop important business skills, support you in making important decisions and put you in touch with useful business contacts - see the benefits of business mentoring.
  • Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce offers support and advice and may organise networking meetings for businesses of a similar size and in similar business sectors.
  • The events finder can help you to find a range of networking events and workshops in your local area - search the events finder.
  • Social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn can alert you to business development opportunities and help you overcome any feelings of isolation you experience as a home business owner - see social media platforms.

My New Business

My New Business is a free online service that covers everything you need to plan, start and run a business. It has videos and tools, plus other learning resources - like tutorials and case studies. All of them are aimed at helping people like you get your business started.

It also includes checklists that cover everything from coming up with a strong business idea and developing it, to identifying and reaching your customers to turn that idea into a successful business - see My New Business.