Start a business from home

Growth options for a home-based business


When it comes to growing your business, one popular option is to focus on what you do best and outsource the rest.

Employing staff

If you are thinking of employing people, you need to determine their employment status, for example whether you will treat them as employees, contractors or sub-contractors, or simply 'volunteer' family and friends.  For more information see recruiting staff.

If you employ someone, you will have extra responsibilities relating to health and safety - for more information read what you need to do about health and safety.


You can grow your business without increasing headcount or expanding your premises, by outsourcing, for example:

  • accounts
  • administration
  • telemarketing - for generating leads
  • PR
  • design and copywriting

For more information see outsourcing.

Meeting spaces

As your business grows, you may find that your home is no longer suitable for all your business needs. Remember that you can rent managed workspace and meeting facilities for occasional use through business centres. These can be found in central locations in many towns across the UK.

For further information on business growth see:

  • Start a business Helpline
    0800 027 0639