Starting a business from home

Start-up costs and financing your home-based business

If you are looking for some extra funds, there are various options to consider.

For more information, see choose the right finance when starting up and use your business plan to get funding.

Initial costs

You will need to buy, lease or rent the equipment for your home office and any materials you need for the service you are supplying - see decide whether to lease or buy assets.

Finding and keeping in touch with customers is a major issue, so investing in a good computer with relevant software and a broadband connection will be a priority in most cases.

The most common costs to consider when starting out are:

  • a computer or laptop
  • broadband access
  • mobile phone
  • office desk or chair
  • business cards
  • stock - if you're supplying products

When you are factoring software packages into your start-up costs, take a look at the much cheaper or even free options - open-source software such as OpenOffice and Google Docs.

For more information, see computer software for business and IT for home-based businesses.