Communicate your business strategy and gain employee buy in

Update your business story


To help employees build a personal attachment to your business story encourage teams to tailor the strategic narrative to fit their area of work. Keep involving your employees in updating your story so that it evolves and includes new examples, case studies and opportunities to celebrate and highlight success.

Tailor strategic narrative to specific teams

Teams may want to do this by:

  • developing their own team-focused summary statement of what the strategic narrative means to them and their work
  • writing articles for internal publications, blogs or the intranet on how their team is using the narrative
  • hosting lunchtime seminars for others to explain their role and the way in which they support the narrative in their everyday work
  • filming their own take on the business narrative or what key elements mean to them to be shown in communal areas or as part of a video gallery for the staff intranet
  • working together to strengthen the link between the narrative and everyday activities giving you their views, examples and achievements