Benefits of intranets and extranets

Benefits of extranet


Extranets can offer a range of benefits to your business from lowering costs to producing faster results and improving the quality of service to customers.

Advantages of extranet

Key benefits of extranets allow you to:

  • communicate and collaborate more effectively - with clients, customers and stakeholders via a secure network
  • integrate supply chains - eg consolidate processes such as online ordering, order tracking and inventory management
  • reduce costs - eg make manuals and technical documentation available online to trading partners and customers
  • improve business relationships - because of the close collaborative working that extranets support
  • improve customer service - eg give customers direct access to information and enable them to resolve their own queries
  • simplify processes - eg use a single user interface between you and your business partners
  • secure your communications - exchanges take place in a controlled and secure environment
  • share news - for example, of product development exclusively with partner companies
  • work flexibly - extranet allows remote and mobile staff to access core business information 24 hours a day, irrespective of location

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