Skills and training for directors and owners

Delegation skills for business owners and directors


Delegating involves passing on the responsibility for completing a task or controlling a process to another individual or groups of individuals in your business. You may find it difficult and time-consuming if you are used to completing most tasks yourself.

Some business owners and directors fear losing control. Others fear nobody will be able to do a task as well as they can. Some resent the time it takes to train people to take over, and some insist they want to remain in touch.

Business benefits of delegating

The effective delegation, however, makes good business sense because it:

  • frees up your time to prioritise forward planning and innovative business thinking
  • ensures your team's potential is maximised but giving them responsibility for completing important business tasks
  • builds trust between you and your employees as you give them ownership and responsibility for essential business tasks
  • helps develop the skills, experience, and abilities of your staff

How to delegate

Write a list of everything you do. Ask yourself whether it is essential you do all these tasks. Could your time be better spent? Could others be trained to take over? Might others even be better suited to the task than you?

Delegate if it will prove more cost-effective to do so.

Some points to note on delegating tasks

Remember though:

  • Training can take time. Don't expect to reap dividends immediately.
  • Others may do things differently to you - but their way could be better.
  • Your team members should feel supported and have their work reviewed. However, overbearing supervision can prove counter-productive.
  • Good communication makes good delegation.
  • Delegation might be best achieved through outsourcing.

Remember that you remain ultimately responsible for delegated tasks. You cannot delegate control of your team or your final responsibility for its success or failure.

Above all, you cannot delegate your responsibility for the direction in which your business is heading.