Skills and training for directors and owners

Core skills all businesses require

As a business director or owner it's essential you can identify and meet the core skills your business needs to be successful.

These skills will be the same whatever business you run - whether you're a sole-trading graphic designer or you head a manufacturing company employing dozens of people.

There are intangible skills you will need, such as leadership skills, the ability to cope with long hours and hard work, and the inner resources to deal with stress and risk-taking. This also includes strategy-setting and the ability to build and manage a team. Find out whether you can work for yourself.

Essential business skills

There are also functional skills that all businesses need. The smaller your business, the more of these skills you will need personally:

To run a successful business it's essential you recognise the limits of your abilities.

So, as a business owner or director, you also need the skill to know when it's best to hand over tasks to others by delegating, recruiting or outsourcing.