Skills and training for directors and owners

Managing your team


If your business is to work at maximum efficiency and achieve its full potential, all your employees need to work together as a well-functioning team. This means you must acquire team-management skills.

You may have different teams that need to be managed in different ways. For instance, it's just as important to manage your senior management team as it is to manage your more junior staff members.

How to manage your teams

For your teams to work well you should:

  • ensure everybody knows their role
  • set clear goals and communicate them
  • put in place clear lines of communication
  • clarify lines of responsibility
  • involve all team members in decision-making as much as possible
  • introduce ways to manage and resolve differences
  • learn how to lead effective meetings
  • encourage training and personal development
  • build in regular reviews
  • be a ready and willing listener
  • encourage and promote diversity
  • motivate team members
  • reward initiative