Prepare your business to tender for contracts

Find contracts and tender successfully


Ensuring your business is ready for the process of tendering is just the beginning. If your business is in shape to pass pre-qualification, chances to submit tenders should follow. 

Finding new opportunities

Contractors adopt different methods when advertising tenders. A business keen for new contract work needs to know where to look. For more detail see finding out about private and public contracts.

Find further information:

Getting your tender right

Having the right policies and procedures in place should make pre-qualification straightforward. The final step is preparing and submitting the tender documents:

Networking and joint ventures

Northern Ireland businesses in all sectors face tough competitors. This includes the domestic market and beyond. Consider ways of working with other businesses to derive joint benefits. Networking can help you find out about private contract opportunities. It can also lead to ideas for improving performance or developing lucrative joint ventures.


Contract opportunities outside Northern Ireland

A company ready to tender for contracts may find expanding beyond Northern Ireland can grow their business. Northern Ireland has access to a large market for procurement in the United Kingdom. It can also avail of opportunities in the Republic of Ireland. You can register for updates on tender opportunities for the following regions: