Prepare your business to tender for contracts

Best practice in employment and improving skills

When preparing your business to tender, it’s important to follow best practice in employment and skills development. 

Ensuring your employment policies and procedures comply with the law is fundamental to any business. Winning public or private sector contracts can depend on your business demonstrating best practice in staff management.

Your business may need new skills to move forward. Recruiting staff can fill gaps in your team, or you can invest in training current staff to develop into new roles.

Employment policies

When tendering for contracts, your business can gain an advantage with good equality practices. Almost all public sector bodies have a legal duty to eliminate discrimination and to promote equality of opportunity on the grounds of gender, race and disability. Having a strong equality policy and showing successful implementation could make a big difference to a potential contractor.

Consider the following to get your business ready to tender:

Develop your staff

Staff training can improve your business in many ways, including increasing the chances of winning contract work. Recognising the potential of your current staff and rewarding their commitment can create champions for your business.

Find advice on developing skills:

  • Our section on staff training and development includes guides on how to build your organisation's skills.
  • To find the right advice and training providers you should look for local sources of training and advice. Search the Events Finder for courses and workshops. 
  • Successfully tendering for contracts may mean expanding your team. Browse guides on taking on staff

Develop your management team

Developing an effective management team can help you to create a more efficient business. Competing for tenders means your company may be aiming to grow, and effective leadership is important to a developing business.

As your business grows, the range and complexity of skills your business needs will grow too. Find out how you can build on your talents - see skills and training for directors and owners.