Flood protection for business property



Flooding can be a disaster for any business. As well as flood damage to business property or equipment, you may lose stock and supplies and find that you cannot trade until the flood damage is repaired. You may lose contracts and your customers may go elsewhere. Even if a flood does not impact you directly, you may find suppliers are unable to meet your needs or flooded employees cannot get to work.

Flooding impact on your business

As well as heavy financial losses, a flood may expose your business to civil or even criminal liability. In the worst-case scenario, employees and customers can be hurt or killed.

Floods are one of the most common natural disasters. Climate change is increasing the risk of flooding. Heavy rain can cause rivers to burst their banks, groundwater to rise and blocked sewers could cause your business property to flood.

Simple preparations and planning can help minimise the impact of flooding on your business. This guide explains how to carry out a flood risk assessment, prepare a business flood plan, flood training for your staff, and insure your business against flooding. In addition, this guide also provides information on what to do in the unfortunate circumstances that your business is flooded, outlining how to reduce potential flood damage and what to do if your business is flooded.