Flood protection for business property

Prepare a business flood plan


A good flood plan ensures that your business is well prepared in the event of flooding and is in the best position to take immediate remedial action to help minimise any potential damage from a flood. By taking action to prepare for flooding your business can save between 20 and 90 per cent on the cost of lost stock and movable equipment.

Business flood plan

A flood plan is a written document that outlines how your business will respond to a flood. If a flood is imminent, your main priority must be to make sure that your employees are safe. You should review and update your flood plan at least on an annual basis.

As a minimum, your business flood plan should include:

  • a list of important contacts including your insurance company, key customers and suppliers, Flood Incident Line 0300 2000 100, and evacuation contacts for staff
  • a map showing locations of key equipment and where to shut off electricity and other services
  • what you will do to protect your property and minimise business disruption
  • key procedures for employees

See preparing your business for flooding which includes a business flood plan template to help get you started with writing your business flood plan.

For more information, see create a business continuity plan.