Flood protection for business property

Insure your business against flooding


Once you have carried out a flood risk assessment to identify the potential of flood risk to your business, make sure you are properly insured. Flood damage should be included in standard business insurance for areas of low risk. However, you may have to buy it as an option, if you are in an area of significant risk to flooding.

Insurance against flooding

Bear in mind that floods can be very expensive. As well as replacing stock and repairing damaged property, your business could be disrupted for weeks or months. Check your insurance cover includes business interruption and other costs. Business interruption insurance compensates a business for lost income, expenses and profits if a disaster, such as a flood, forces you to stop trading. It can be added to your insurance policy if it is not included as standard.

The cost of the insurance policy depends on the type of business and premises, your location and the length of disruption. By taking flood risk-reduction measures you may be able to cut your premium or level of excess. Discuss this with your broker or insurer as they will often be able to help identify which measures to take. See prepare a business flood plan.

Making an insurance claim if your business is flooded

Thinking ahead will help make any insurance claim as straightforward as possible. Keep your insurance policy and an inventory of important possessions somewhere safe that is likely to be above a potential flood level, such as an upper storey of the building. You may want to keep photographic evidence of your inventory and any flood damage if flooding occurs. An independent appraisal of the potential cost of repairs and replacements can also help. For more information, see insurance: business property and assets. You should discuss this with your broker or insurer.

If you are flooded, contact your insurer immediately and make sure that you keep complete records of action you take.